H.H. Howell, Inc.


Dare I (Hope) Field and The Rest of the Story-Dare I (Cook) Field, Concho County, Texas, 2004, American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
Harvey H. Howell, Lance Harwerth, Gary K. Rice

Abbreviated Abstract-

In 1999, we reported on the Dare I (Hope) (Pennsylvanian) field, discovered in May 1996, and located 5 miles south of Eden, Concho County, Texas, at the southern margin on the Eastern shelf of the Midland basin. Since our first report, the Dare I (Hope) field grew from 11 producing wells to 22 producing wells. Significance of a separate geochemical feature in the 1999 data was determined in May 2000 when an adjacent Dare I (Cook) (L. Permian) field was discovered. Fluid analysis of produced oils showed these adjacent reservoirs were compositionally similar, and therefore, shared a common source.

These adjacent, mutually exclusive, complex regressive sandstone systems were developed inexpensively by integrating surface geochemistry and subsurface geology. Through 2003, combined cumulative production of the two fields was more than 1.2 MMBO from 25 producing wells.
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