Son of the Oil Fields, John L. Howell...

...was born near an oil camp in Camden, Arkansas on January 1, 1931. The eldest son of H. H. Howell, John grew up chasing oil booms with his father from Smackover Arkansas through the feverish East Texas Field, to Clarkwood in Nueces County. The 1938 H.H. Howell Alice field discovery established South Texas roots in John, despite the family move to LaMesa, California in 1947.

After attending the California Intsitute of Technology (Cal Tech) where he was in the second graduating class to earn a Masters in Geophysics after first obtaining his BS in Geology, John joined H.H. Howell for a 2nd Generation in the drilling business on the heals of the 1952 Easter Sunday, Howell field discovery near Sandia, Texas.  

John led Howell Drilling to both contract-drilling and wildcat discovery success, partnering up with many San Antonio and South Texas explorationists, as well as drilling his own ideas. Two of the most important were his Gabrysch field discovery near Edna, Texas in 1958, and the Charlie Daubert field discovery at Hallettsville, in Lavaca County, Texas in 1973. 






H.H. Howell, Inc.

H.H. Howell- Slide Rule & Drill Bit


John Lincoln Howell, Sr. 1931-2008

The Hallettsville development ushered in the 3rd generation of the H.H. Howell family to the oil fields, as John brought-up all three of his sons with hands-on experience at location-staking, rough-necking, roust-a-bouting, and well logging.

Thank's to John mentoring, and following in his foot-steps, eldest son Harvey while a teenager was often the youngest member of the Oil Field Service Company continuing education logging seminars.

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